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Benefits of Working with Park Place

We firmly believe that a full-service professional property management firm should do more than collect rent and pay bills. When you hire a professional property manager you get a firm that is dedicated to keeping your investment in good repair and at minimal cost. We know the market and how to get you the best rent and the best residents for your investment.

Attracting the most Qualified Renters

The market place requires placing available properties in as many places as possible for potential residents to view. To lease your property quickly, our successful program includes marketing your property in the following ways:

  • Survey the Property Condition – the better the condition of the property, the better the resident and the higher the lease rate can be.
  • Perform a Market Analysis – this helps to determine the appropriate lease rates for the property based on current listings and recent leases.
  • Internet / Marketing – Your property is posted on over 10 national and local real estate internet websites and local newspaper (requested by owner). Today’s renters are no longer looking in the newspaper for property to lease, they want more information at their fingertips and quickly. Information like house details, maps, driving directions, resources, community information, etc.
  • Multiple Listing Service (MLS) – As members of the Alameda and Contra Costa Board of Realtors, we list your property in the MLS database. This is an additional way of making your property available to thousands of other leasing agents in these counties at our cost.
  • For Lease Sign – a professional sign is placed at your property with our office number, additional rider signs may be added to assist in advertising.
  • 24 Hour Property Information System – Our property information voicemail system enables prospective residents to call our office after-hours and be connected with leasing to set up a showing appointment for your property.
  • Complete Property Preparation – Today’s residents are more demanding and have many choices for lease properties; therefore it is critical to the success of your property that it is in the best condition possible. A property is more likely to lease if it has an attractive appeal at first site to the resident, is clean and as modern as possible. Properties that are not properly prepared for the leasing market will sit vacant.
  • Lease Renewals – We are constantly checking and reviewing lease rates. This ensures that we set lease renewal rates at a level that keeps pace with the market. Renewing leases also keeps your residents on the most up-to-date legal leases and forms for your protection.
Detailed Resident Screening and Selection

Leasing your investment property to the wrong resident(s) can cost you thousands of dollars in repairs and lost rent. Be sure your property management company is thoroughly investigating the background of the resident that will live in your property and selecting proper residents.

Our background check process costs are minimal to the owner. Park Place Property Management’s professionals have experience and success in judging qualifications of resident applications. For each applicant we will:

  • Have a complete and comprehensive application packet
  • Verify each resident’s current and previous lease history (if available)
  • Check each applicant’s eviction history (if any)
  • Run a detailed credit report to determine each applicant’s credit worthiness
  • Criminal and terrorist records are checked
  • Verify each applicant’s employment and income
  • If a guarantor should be allowed to further secure a lease, the guarantor must also complete an application and submit to the same background check
  • Comprehensive leases and lease documents are used
Around the Clock Qualified Maintenance Personnel
  • We utilize maintenance personnel that work, live, support your local economy.
  • These contractors are known and support in making our economy strong and lively.
  • These contractors are all, have insurance and ready to meet your needs in a timely manner.
  • These contractors will respond to after hour calls for emergencies. This can be invaluable in after hours needs.
Resident Proper Care

The resident is a customer. Our primary goal is to provide your residents with excellent service. If residents are receiving excellent service, chances are that they will stay longer, helping to keep costs down. This is accomplished in various ways:

  • Maintenance requests are responded to within 24-48 hours.
  • Maintenance requests can be requested 24 hours a day.
  • Follow up calls with residents are completed to ensure residents are satisfied.
  • Rent collection policies are fair and firm. Action is taken should a rent payment delinquency occur.
  • Park Place’s annual survey of the investment property lets the residents know their property owner cares.
Survey of Property

Your investment property appreciates in value when it is properly managed and maintained.. To assist in ensuring its condition is maintained an annual property survey is scheduled prior to lease expiration. This survey is done at no minimal cost to you.

  • Surveys are completed prior to offering the existing resident a new lease. Identified repairs / improvements are scheduled and corrected at your direction when rent is coming in.
  • Ongoing information on property maintenance, upgrade needs continually provide an ongoing view on higher cost maintenance items (e.g. roof, painting, AC / heating, etc.)
Accounting, Property Management Data and Security
  • Our systems are computerized with state of the art data and security systems in place. All vendors we use have and use upgraded state of the art security systems.
  • Repair and maintenance work is tracked by property / unit. This aids in identifying warranty work and avoids duplicative repair costs.
  • Data systems are back up each day to ensure that there are no consequences of lost data. You should fee safe knowing that there are redundant back up systems to protect your data.
  • We have a disaster plan in place for our computer systems and office. This ensures that your data and information is safe 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 52 weeks each year.
Management Statements
  • You will receive a monthly statement on how your property is performing.
  • Periodic information about properties in your area and Park Place property information.
  • All original invoices and work orders are included in your statement. Accounting is done on a single entry cash basis with a separate ledger for each property.
  • In January of each year a comprehensive year end report is mailed to you with your 1099.
  • Monthly or Quarterly, you will receive a report on the status of your property.
  • Your statement can be delivered via email, faxed or direct mail.
  • Direct Deposit of Monthly Revenue Options Available at Your Choice
  • Electronic transfer into your bank account (free)
  • Personal check (free)
  • Paypal (additional charge to you)
Controlling Costs
  • Park Place Property Management is not new, we have managed properties for years and know the areas to watch and control costs.
  • We evaluate costs to you on an ongoing basis and benchmark against other properties (e.g. insurance, loan interest rates, etc.)
  • We get the best prices from contractors, vendors, etc. to make sure your property and its appliances are in tip top shape. We utilize the same licensed people your local real estate agents use to ensure properties are ready for sale or just ongoing upkeep.
Park Place Insures Your Protection
  • Every employee of Park Place Management is covered by workers compensation insurance, reducing your exposure significantly.
Distinctive, Honest, Reliable & Trustworthy
  • Park Place management and personnel are respected in the real estate industry.
  • Park Place personnel are real estate personnel who understand the industry due to their years of experience.
  • Park Place Property Management strives to make investing in real estate easy, understandable, profitable and link owners up with people who know the business.
  • We provide the service you want and will come to know and respect as a class act.