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Why a Professional Property Manager

Park Place Property Management is committed to maximizing the benefits of your investment through efficient, professional, and quality management of your property, thus freeing you from management stress.   

Park Place Property Management is dedicated to maintaining the quality of your investment, while simultaneously providing comprehensive services. From leasing your properties at fair market rates to carefully screening and selecting residents, we do it all for your convenience!  

Whether contracted to manage the investment of a single property owner, a multiple property owner, a business professional, or a corporation, Park Place Property Management gives each client, each tenant, and each property individual attention and care.

Park Place Property Management will make your real estate investment a pleasure rather than a burden. We are here to exceed your property management needs.

For more information, please Contact Us. We look forward to exceeding your management needs.  

Owner Services


  1. We work tirelessly to keep your properties at maximum occupancy through comprehensive, and tested leasing practices. We consistently outperform market averages in filling vacant properties. 
  2. Ads are placed on two high traffic leasing websites, HeroPM and Craigslist. The property ad will be subsequently syndicated out to other sites.
  3. A placement will also be made on our own Park Place website, where current tenants and future tenants have the ability to see any and all properties available.
  4. Moreover, a “For Lease” sign is placed in the yard in a HOA approved location.
  5. We welcome working with Realtors in the area.
  6. We personally show any property to prospective tenants, even on the weekends. 


  1. We have a successful set of procedures that ensure reliable and responsible tenants for your investment properties. 
  2. We diligently handle the entire leasing process, from application to collecting the security deposit.
  3. Any person 18 or older moving into a home must first fill out a standard credit application at applicant’s cost.  
  4. In addition, we will do a comprehensive verification process, including a criminal history check, calling HR and verifying their current employment, and even speaking with their recent landlords.
  5. Our qualified leasing agent will meet and speak with the potential tenant.
  6. All owners have the option to decide their own property-based pet policy.
  7. Once a tenant has been approved, we sign the lease and collect the deposit within a 72-hour time period.  
  8. Upon move in, we follow a standard check-in procedure including interior and exterior photos to ensure the integrity and quality of your property.  We check each smoke detector with the tenant, and require a move in/move out checklist to be turned in by the tenant within 7 days detailing any defects found in the home.
  9. We abide by and respect The Fair Housing Act. We do not discriminate based on race, color, national origin, religion, sex, familial status, or handicap.  


  1. When a property is filled, we provide quality and reliable monthly services to turn your investment into a positive, and economically rewarding investment.
  2. Rent is collected by the 5th, all rent received after the 5th will be considered late.  To ensure the return upon your investment, any tenant who has not paid will receive a phone call and circumstance dependent, a 3 day notice.
  3. For your convenience and continued high occupancy rate, lease renewal letters are mailed to each tenant 6 weeks before their lease is set to expire.
  4. If required, we handle the entire eviction process for you with assistance from our qualified lawyer who legally helps all our evictions, thereby keeping your costs down.  We do note that it is rare for Park Place to require evictions thanks to our detailed tenant applicant screenings.
  5. We offer round the clock service. A property management specialist will be available to efficiently handle any and all emergencies, twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week.
  6. All property maintenance issues are handled quickly and efficiently by one of our qualified staff or one of our practiced and responsible subcontractors. Subsequently followed by a repair check to determine satisfactory completion.
  7. Convenient pay option for ordered repairs from the owner’s rental account.
  8. Regular drive by viewings of the property to ensure the integrity and quality of your investment.
  9. Biannual exterior inspection and annual interior inspection of each property.
  10. Prompt and legally accurate notices to tenants that are in violation of any of the terms or conditions of the lease.
  11. Property inspection upon tenant vacancy. If required, claims will be filed on your behalf against the tenant’s security deposit.
  12. If so desired, we conveniently handle any issues with HOA affiliated properties.
  13. Consistent and responsible communication by our centrally managed agency.


  1. Statements can be conveniently mailed or checked online on the 15th of each month. If the 15th falls on the weekend, statements will be sent out the next business day.
  2. Monthly and annual accounting reports to the owner detailing all income and expenses.
  3. For accounting and investment planning convenience, year-end statements are mailed out with your 1099 and January statement.
  4. Proper completion and filing annually of the subcontractor repair personnel 1099, as required by the IRS.
  5. We offer the ease to pay for any work or maintenance repairs through PayLease. This can be an ACH from your bank account or credit card, depending upon your own preferences.
  6. We conveniently offer and recommend expeditious monthly direct deposits to your preferred bank account.  If required, we can cut a check and mail it to you.
  7. Optional convenient mortgage and association payment services.

We understand that you have choices when you manage your home or your investment property and want to thank you for considering us as your trusted and experienced property management provider.

We strive to keep honest in property management.

  •  Want to lease with us? Looking for more information? Please Contact Us. We look forward to exceeding your property management needs.